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All the President’s Men

It’s rare that a story about a charity dominates the news cycle but the President’s Club seems to use a very loose description of the term charity.

For those unfamiliar the President’s Club appears to be a boozy, sexist and thoroughly unpleasant VIP dinner for men whereby young women are objectified, harassed and groped.  Clearly this is not something one would deem consistent with any reputable charity.  There is bound to be a lot of discussion on the decisions of Great Ormond Street and others to return money, that would have doubtless done much good, due to the tainted way in which it was procured.

We experienced a similar moral situation (albeit for amounts less than one thousandth of those publicised by the President’s Club) whereby we politely declined the offer from a divisive group to fundraise on our behalf.

Whilst it is clearly not viable (or proportionate) to check the background of everyone who donates we agree that charities must do everything possible to retain their integrity, value and identity. Even if sometimes that means there is less in the kitty to provide much needed services.

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