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Age Concern Luton,

Bradbury House,
39 King St,

Tel: 01582 456 812

Cash in your pocket

Our Enhancing Lives team provide a range of advice, information, and advocacy support.

We know it can be very difficult to admit you are struggling, but our trained team have years of experience and promise to provide a professional, courteous and effective support programme to help you achieve the positive changes you want.

Our team of support workers are able to complete benefit forms, apply for benevolent funds, and help you take control of your finances.  We have successfully applied for over £2,000,000 of benefits for older people, and have helped put in place sensible plans to deal with their debts.  We also help people move to more suitable housing, arrange care packages, and provide a wealth of information and advice on matters affecting older people and their carers.

We know that individual problems are often hard to categorise, and so we promise to help any older person from Luton who contacts us either through our support workers or in partnership with other organisations. We receive no funding for Enhancing Lives and are completely reliant on donations in order to continue providing this service.  However this independence ensures we are able to challenge all decisions affecting you which are wrong or unfair. If you need some help, or want some more information, please contact us.

Old people in the bus stop

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