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Age Concern Luton,

Bradbury House,
39 King St,

Tel: 01582 456 812

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We know that retirement can be a great opportunity for you to do all the things you’ve dreamt of and planned.  Here at Age Concern Luton we have a host of clubs and activities on offer which have been designed with other older people and can help you make the most of your golden years!  However, we also know that being older can often make the problems you face seem much more difficult to overcome and so we have a range of practical services that can help you get the right support when you need it most.

The website

To make this website easier to navigate we’re grouped our services into four main categories. However our services are designed to complement each other and provide the best level of assistance to the older people and carers we support.  This means we’ll work hard to give you all the help you need, want and are entitled to have.

Our ‘cash in your pocket’ section details the help we offer through our Enhancing Lives project.

In the ‘help in your home’ section you can find information about our Handyman and Home Support services.

‘Fun with your friends’ describes social activities that are designed and delivered by older people.

The ‘back on your feet’ page describes our Meet & Greet Hospital discharge scheme and podiatry service.

If you are experiencing a problem or have a concern but aren’t sure if we can help please phone us for a chat.

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